Federico is a designer focusing on framing problems and opportunities with design thinking.

Welcome to my own archive of case studies.
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Selected case studies

Since most of the projects I've been involved in are covered by NDA, I decided to share my experience through my way of thinking, approaching the project and through the things I've learned in each experience.
You'll find some essential details about various aspects of each topic and some real examples I am allowed share while still honouring the NDA agreements.

Web Design Thinking: how a custom WordPress theme is the key for a valuable experience

Applying the theory and practice of Design Thinking on web design project can help brands an companies improving their Users and Customer Experiences

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UX and Design Thinking to help public institutions into better and more meaningful relationships

When a public institution wants a new web portal and there’s only a designer involved, he/she has to remind others that the visuals aren’t the main thing to care of

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How Design Thinking can re-invent diet starting from your loyalty card

A revolutionary service which helps people improving their eating habits almost effortlessly, thanks to the power of big data, under a clear privacy statement.

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Interactive digital signage systems: an Experience Driven Design example

Bring awareness and engagement to all the employees through a worldwide redesign of the in-site-displays information system of Rolls-Royce Marine

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I believe in quality and autenticity,
based on coherence and rationality.

My main driver is the meaning of things. I think that understanding the people and the environment that define the project field is the key to create a deep added value to what we do, to the things, services and experiences we craft. The "WOW effect" every client is asking for, it's better when it's a feeling.

My method

You may have noticed that my logo is a bee. Those little creatures are a vast source of inspiration for me: bees are methodical and precise, forward-looking, teamworkers and explorers, and so on. I brought these values into my daily work, combining them with the theory and practise of Design Thinking, as taught at Standford d.school.

Design Thinking

Bees are methodical teamworkers, as well as brilliant explorers, always looking for new sources of food.

I have a strong connection with the process of Design Thinking, starting from the first two steps Empathy and Defining. Those are really helpful to guide people into framing the problem, in order to define the borders to be challeged during the following design steps.

Immersive Framing

My natural passion for framing the problem usaually leads me filling walls with colorful Post-Its.

Being surrounded by visual data gives me the right mindset and motivation to start organizing information, creating clusters which may become topics to research, ideas to prototype, new perspectives or opportunities. Something I always map are stakeholders: usually they're more than expected.

Skills Sharing

During its life, each bee does all the "jobs" bees do, from cleaning the beehive to collecting the polleen.

Teamwork is great whey your work is balanced with others' ones, and where communications flows easily and natural. A basic knowledge of many different fields (coding, marketing, sales, recruiting, CRM, ...) helps the designer increasing its empathy with people to understand others' perspectives.

About me

I'm Federico Bombelli, an European designer living in Milan, Italy. Currently I'm working as UX/Strategic designer and Wordpress developer at Reputation Manager.

I like to challenge complexity through experience driven design thinking, creating authentic experiences and meaningful relationship across people.

I'm really interested in personal and employer branding as well as in show design, broadcast and entertainment technologies (sound, video, lights)

I enjoy listening to opera and jazz music, driving my 1970 VW Beetle and my 1980 Suzuki motorbike through the most beautiful nation in the world (Italy) and immerse myself in well-told stories, including fiction books, films and songs.

When I grow up, I want to be like Rocco Tanica

Academical background

Master’s Degree in Product Service System Design, Politecnico di Milano. Program held in English.
Exchange in Industrial and Strategic Design, Aalto University - School of Arts and Design, Helsinki.

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design, Politecnico di Milano.
Erasmus in Integrated Design, Köln International School of Design, Cologne

Master of European Design alumnus. Learn more

About this website

Thank you for visiting my website.

You can reach me sending an email to:
mail [A T] wilmo [D O T] it

This website was heavily inspired by Frank Chimero's previous ones,
by the awesome work of Rasmus Andersson and by a lovely gallery of brutalist websites.


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